Rachel Fairless

Rachel Fairless

Realtor® / Sale Agent

Rachel has been a Realtor®️ since the early 2000s. With her business degree providing the necessary tools and industry knowledge, combined with her exceptional ability to foster convivial relationships, Rachel has built a successful career in the real estate industry. Even after their transactions are complete, Rachel maintains strong connections with her clients, as they often keep in touch.

Rachel finds immense joy in assisting clients through the process of selling and buying a home. Utilizing her knack for connecting with people, along with her creative methods and savvy sales and marketing skills, she skillfully negotiates on behalf of her clients.

Through her extensive network within the business community and the resources available through BPO Pros, Rachel is able to provide valuable support to her clients throughout their real estate journey. She operates her business with unwavering dedication and integrity, and warmly welcomes new clients with enthusiasm.

One of Rachel’s greatest joys is when previous clients refer her services to their acquaintances.



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