Alva Smith

Alva Smith

Sale Agent

It has often been said, “Find a career that you enjoy, and you will never work another day.”  My name is Alva Eddleman and in real estate sales I found this to be true when I received my license in 2012.  I have had the pleasure of meeting many people I would not have otherwise and either helped them find their new home or given them information which helped them make long-term decisions regarding a future purchase.  More than anything, I can honestly say that I have not “worked” another day.  My goal with all clients is to bring the most knowledge and information to them so they are able to make the best decision regarding their new home.

Are you moving to a new state or looking to down-size?  Are you ready for Condo living, or in the market for another a single-family home?  As an experienced Realtor, I can help you find the information you need to ask the right questions.  Together, we will do the research to ensure that you are happy with your decisions and in your new home.  Together, we will bring you Home.

Alva Eddleman

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